Motion silences awareness of hue changes

A study by Harvard psychologist documented a type of optical illusion in which motion visual perception of changes to mute. To understand this, we start with the following video:
As you saw when the circle to laterally move begins to seem change colors points to leave or change to a lesser extent. In the video below and the visual laboratory at Harvard University (silencing) here you can see how the illusion also repeats when you change the brightness, size or shape of small objects.

As the authors explain the illusion occurs although we aware, we can not avoid to perceive change, if the general framework to move:

“Silencing”, say the researchers, “underlines the close relationship between the movement and the representation of the object.” “Amending simple coordination Retinotópica, move the object or the eyes, is possible, to exercise articles which were first clearly dynamic appear caused the Visual change suddenly static silence.”


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