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Wall Illusion: Easy Forced-Perspective Wall Art

noviembre 24, 2012


Using only a cheap digital camera, some masking tape, and Illustration or Photo-Editing software, you can make some amazingly-handsome Trompe-l’oeil/Forced Perspective wall-art (yes… very much like that awesome parking garage that everyone on earth forwarded you). Your friends and neighbors will be astounded by your cleverness.



The magic carpet

octubre 24, 2012

This illusion, created by Mauricio Lara and Sebastián Lara, took me a little while to see. At first I thought it was just supposed to look like it was melting or stretched out, but once I saw the crazy extra dimension it adds to the floor, I couldn’t unsee the illusion.

While you might hope that it looks even more like quicksand with someone standing on it, the result is, unfortunately, quite the opposite – showing exactly how flat the rug really is. In fact, the rug is quite anamorphic being as how the illusion really only works when viewed from the proper angle without anyone standing on it to interfere with the design.


3D Chalk God Blows Up in China by Mr. Hou

marzo 30, 2011

Mr. Hou didn’t expect to become an internet sensation after he uploaded some photos of his 3D chalk art pieces onto a Chinese forum a few weeks ago. After all, he’s just an average Chinese citizen who enjoys drawing for his little boy. Now, people from all over the web are referring to him by a new nickname – “Chalk God.”

“I think these 3D artworks actually aren’t that rare/surprising, but the idea is very key, and only with the idea can you move people,” says Mr. Hou. “For example, I once went to a tourist sight/attraction, and there was a sculpture at this intersection. Below the sculpture, on all four sides, were a bunch of advertisements for counterfeit official documents. I felt this was so representative of China today, so I started drawing, never expecting to become so popular.”

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Reflection in the lake.

febrero 15, 2011

Robert Towe took this optical illusion picture a couple of years ago and titled it Spirit of The Woods and Water. The photo surely needs no additional explaining!

Dibujos anamorficos en el suelo

octubre 15, 2010

Anamorfosis en 3D que parecen reales.


noviembre 1, 2009

Interesante mural artistico callejero aprovechando una pista de skateboard.

Julian Beever .Nuevos trabajos

octubre 26, 2009

Aqui teneis uno de los ultimos trabajos de anamorfismo de Julian Beever

Dibujos anamorficos en la calle.

octubre 16, 2009


Las imagenes anamorficas son aquellas que simulan una vision espacial 3D segun la perspectiva.

En este caso , la pelota de baloncesto , parece real , pero está pintada en el suelo

Anamorfismo interesante. Video

septiembre 26, 2009

Curiosa ilusion optica basasa en un dibujo anamorfico combinado con una botella de plastico.

Anamorfosis en San Francesco de Paula

mayo 5, 2009

En este video se aprecia el efecto optico de los murales pintados para vision anamorfica.