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Amazing Librarian Tattoos

enero 15, 2013


Elizabeth Skene has what might be the most awesomely complete librarian sleeve around, featuring a skull sitting on top of a book, with a graduation cap next to a card catalog with a banner reading “Peace and Knowledge.”


Book paintings by Mike Stilkey

mayo 2, 2010

Today we have for you the ‘Incredible Book Paintings’ by artist Mike Stilkey from Alta Dena, California. He creates amazing work of art by painting on books. Stilkey has been drawing on book pages for quite a long time and had even published a book in 2005 titled “100 Portraits” which had 100 portraits painted on old book pages. Eventually, he started to paint on the book covers themselves. It was during one of his projects that he planned to paint the books and then place them all against the wall. But later he had change of plans, and instead of just painting on the covers of the books he decided to paint the bookspines. Although he didn’t think much of his first work, but, later he presented it during the second Artist’s Annual group show where it got quite a lot of attention. And the rest is history…………………

Incredible Book Paintings (11) 10(Image credit: mikestilkey, fecalface).
Incredible Book Paintings (11) 7Incredible Book Paintings (11) 8Incredible Book Paintings (11) 5Incredible Book Paintings (11) 6Incredible Book Paintings (11) 11Incredible Book Paintings (11) 1Incredible Book Paintings (11) 2


noviembre 1, 2009

Interesante mural artistico callejero aprovechando una pista de skateboard.

Julian Beever .Nuevos trabajos

octubre 26, 2009

Aqui teneis uno de los ultimos trabajos de anamorfismo de Julian Beever

Mundos imposibles de LEGO

septiembre 20, 2009

Esculturas imposibles hechas con LEGO (Escalera de Escher,arco imposible,Tribar de Penrose ) obras originales de Buge Fun.

Ilusion optica de bailarina en 3D

septiembre 5, 2009

Acrobata sobre escalera imposible , original de Gianni A. Sarcone

Ingeniosa historieta con stop motion

agosto 15, 2009

Esta clase de trabajos con stop motion , me gustan mucho , entre otras cosas por lo que tienen de ilusion optica.

La mujer salvaje

julio 9, 2009

No es tan fiero el leon como lo pintan…o si? Bonita ilusion optica

Bonitas ilustraciones con efectos opticos

junio 7, 2009

Imagen escondida en portada de disco

mayo 11, 2009

En el disco “Visions” ,del compositor Richard Stoltzman , podemso ver esta ingeniosa imagen ambigua.