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Batman and his mate

marzo 14, 2015

optical illusion Batman


Who is joining Batman?

2 or 4 pregnant Japanese women ? optical illusion

septiembre 24, 2012


There are 4 bodies but only 2 heads in this 19th Century Japanese woodblock of pregnant women.


The woodblock print “Mimochi on’na natsu no tawamure – Gotō juttai no zu” (Pregnant women playing in summer heat – 5 heads with 10 bodies at the complete image) was made by artist Kunitoshi Utagawa in 1881.


The impossible building.

julio 24, 2012


As a  illusions reader, you’ve undoubtedly already seen your share of Penrose Triangles both here and elsewhere. Even so, the concept remains fascinating, particularly when turned into real-life objects, because the design itself is, in actuality, impossible.

That’s why this Steelwork Illusion created by Deskarati is simply so fascinating -the illusion is so subtle and the photo looks so real that your mind wants to accept that it is an unaltered photograph. That is, until your brain starts to follow the lines of the steel framework and you begin realizing more and more just how impossible this building design really is.

127 hours movie poster. Hidden image

junio 24, 2012


Tthis Hollywood movie starring James Franco, called “127 Hours“ goes about a mountain climber who becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone somewhere in Utah. In order to survive, he then resorts to desperate measures. There was this subtle optical illusion on the cover, one you could easily overlook if you don’t pay close attention.  Let me share the original poster (lacking promotional text and labels) which helps the illusion stand out more. Can you see it?

Optical Illusion. Shifting Dots

abril 30, 2011

Here’s an incredible optical illusion. You’ll need to wait few seconds before the .gif file fully loads, but when it does I promise you’ll love it! Once the animation has started, you’ll quickly notice how outer-rim dots begin shifting themselves up and down. But what is so cool here, is that this is actually an illusion! Our little dots haven’t changed their starting position one bit! The only thing changing here is their color; from white to black and vice-versa!


abril 15, 2011


Ilusion optica porno

noviembre 13, 2009

Clasica ilusion optica , siempre se ve lo que no se debe ver.

Ilusion optica facil para realizar en casa

noviembre 7, 2009

Una forma facil de crear una ilusion optica con 4 trozos de cartulina de diferente color.

Anton Vakhlachev. Imagenes imposibles

octubre 20, 2009

Imagenes de objetos imposibles obtenidas por ordenador , de Anton Vakhlachev.

Teselacion optica con botellas y copas

octubre 8, 2009

Bonita teselacion optica combinando botellas de vino y copas